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Political Poems

A political poem looking at the possible causes of 9/11

Easy, casual Old School certainties, so unsuited to the modern world

Whatever the era, whatever the method, exploitation continues

Scaredy-cat blowhards

CIA death squads, 2001

Western democracy and liberalism is maintained at the expense of other nations' well-being

Fat cats feed off public services

Manipulation of people's perceptions through the use of words

Sardonic poem about gung-ho 'God Bless America' small-mindedness.

Creating a ghetto through racism and lack of cultural identity

Some president of some banana republic or other ...

Mob rule, post 9/11

America's 15 minutes of fame are drawing to a close

What was learnt from Hurricane Katrina?

The UK were happy to connive in the destruction of a foreign city, but kicked up a great fuss when one bomb went off in London

Superior, repressed, patronising, screwed-up

How many political 'leaders' have wisdom or spirituality?

There's always a slow, deep and barely visible recoil against the murder of peace activists

Righteous rage at the 'aberrant' behaviour of women

We escaped a BSE epidemic by a miracle

Spot the difference

Poem about the BSE debacle

Another great step forward for humanity

Imagining a final nuclear war

Bush and his neo-clowns created havoc with their 'war on terror'

Poem about manipulating children

Poem about immigrants, using the analogy of houses in a street for different countries

Privatising the railways was a huge mistake

A massive white elephant dumped on Tanzania

An Australian prison camp, now closed down

Privatisation = exploitation. Water is being privatised in some countries, logically it'll be air next ...