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Coming soon!

Kindle publication date Xmas 2014, as yet untitled

I’m writing a little fantasy novel, a bit Terry Pratchett-like. The writing’s not so difficult – it’s the plotting that I struggle with. Hopefully it’ll be up and running around Christmas time 2014. In the meantime here’s a little taster from the first page.

 Hedgewick was a sleepy little town. It nestled between the folds of hills and liked to tuck itself up at night with a cosy cup of cocoa to keep the Big Bad World  at bay. Sometimes it had nightmares but mostly it had pleasant dreams.  The dreams of Hedgewick went something like this:

The paperboy rather fancied the papergirl.
Shopkeepers rather fancied a little doze on a Wednesday afternoon.
The local lawyer rather fancied a  bigger house.
The grave digger fancied a different job.

Nightmares were more problematic. Nobody likes nightmares and so people tend not to think about them too closely. Best to keep nightmares at a distance. Still, there were a few minor ones: